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What Should You Know About Votiva?

What Is There To Know About Votiva?

If you’ve been thinking about vaginal rejuvenation and you’ve been looking at the various options that are available, it can be confusing. There are probably more options than you initially thought. However, that doesn’t mean that all of those options are the same or that they are right for you. Instead of looking at surgical procedures, for example, you will be better off considering a nonsurgical option called Votiva. This is a noninvasive procedure, and it can work on the internal and the external vaginal tissues.

Let’s take some time to learn more about the procedure and why it could be the right choice for you.

What Is It and How Does It Work?

Votiva is a relatively new treatment that will be much easier on the body than an invasive type of procedure like surgery. Some of the main benefits from Votiva include an increased amount of blood flow, as well as an improvement to the elasticity. Since there will be increased blood flow in the tissue thanks to this technique, it also means that there will be more sensitivity in the area after recovery. You’ll also find that most of the time, this procedure takes only a short time to perform. In fact, it takes just a few minutes in most cases.

The Votiva procedure makes use of two radio frequencies to perform the treatment. These are Forma V and Fractora V, and together, they provide the body with the rejuvenation that’s needed. The Fractora V will help to enhance the vaginal skin texture, and it can help to tone the skin. In addition, the Forma V will help to provide the rejuvenation for the labia and the vagina.

One of the most common questions asked by those who are considering going through this type of vaginal rejuvenation process is the timeframe for results. It’s important to remember that all patients are different, and that means the amount of time to notice results can be different. For example, some women will see results almost immediately, while other women might take a week or a couple of weeks after the procedure to see results. In some cases, the results aren’t noticeable until after the second treatment.

Another one of the questions that is commonly asked is whether the treatment will be painful or not. Fortunately, most women will not notice any discomfort. However, those who have vaginal dryness might have some discomfort at the first procedure when the device is inserted. The lasers themselves will not cause any pain or any damage to the internal or the external tissues.

Is This the Right Treatment for You?

Many women will be excellent candidates for this type of treatment, and if you’ve been considering vaginal rejuvenation, it could be a perfect choice. If you would like to learn more, you should get in touch with Austin Vaginal Tightening, a Personique Company. You can request a consultation and see if this is a good option for your needs.

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