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Votiva FAQ

Votiva Feminine Rejuvenation FAQ

Many women are considering Votiva vaginal rejuvenation in Austin, TX and they want to know more about the exciting new treatment called Votiva. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns women have regarding the Votiva feminine rejuvenation.

Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation in Austin

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What Is The Votiva Procedure?

The Votiva Procedure is a treatment that works to help provide rejuvenation to both external and internal vaginal issues, all without the need for surgery. In addition to helping with blood flow and sensitivity, the treatment can also help with elasticity and wrinkles on the labia and vulva.  It is a relatively simple procedure that could be helpful for many women. The procedure tends to last only a few minutes, which is one of the big benefits when compared to options such as surgery.

How Does Votiva Work?

Many people ask “what does Votiva do?”. The treatment makes use of two handheld devices – Forma V and Fractora V. These devices can be moved and controlled on the outer and inner areas of the vagina to provide help to the areas that need to be addressed. It utilizes heat technology that works to improve the laxity of the vagina.

Votiva for labia rejuvenation works wonders. The Forma V heating tool is comfortable for internal and external use to assist with hypertrophy of the labia and the vaginal laxity mentioned earlier. Fractora V is a tool that will help to resurface the skin and improve skin tone issues. It can provide “full depth heating”, which can be beneficial to the elastin and collagen.

How Fast Can I Expect Votiva Results?

Many people are happy to report that they notice a difference immediately, and most patients have found that they notice a change by the second treatment. The biggest gains tend to come a few weeks after the first treatment, but keep in mind that all patients are different.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

Of course, one of the biggest questions you are sure to have is whether this procedure is going to cause you any pain or downtime. Fortunately, the laser energy that emits the heat is not going to cause pain. However, there are some patients who have found there is some mild discomfort when the device is inserted during the first procedure. This is due to vaginal dryness.

Is the Treatment Right for You?

How do you know whether Votiva is right for you? It can work well for those who have undergone menopause, those who have given birth, those who are experiencing symptoms similar to post-menopause because of breast cancer treatments or a hysterectomy, and many others. If you feel it could be right for you, get in touch with Personique today.

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